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Customer Credit Risk Monitoring with Cortera Pulse

So many customers and so little time! Do more with less! Over the years I have had countless discussions with credit pros on how to best monitor their customer base for any sign of degradation and what comes screaming out of those discussions is the need for a new approach. There are two ends of the spectrum – those with lots of tools and resources and then those relying on manual research, customer experience and whatever they can find on the web for free.

So credit leaders at the high end are in information overload. They are bombarded with free and paid sources mostly focused on large public companies, internal systems, and management reports. At the other end, there are those without many information sources or tools who are also overloaded with manual research, weeding through cumbersome reports and simply relying on institutional knowledge. For both groups getting solid intelligence on the vast majority of their portfolio (likely close to 100% private companies) is still a challenge.

This week we are rolling out Cortera PULSE. You’ll find a simplified approach to customer risk monitoring and alerting. If you are like me, you want the facts without any fluff and that’s just what gets delivered each day. Here is what you get:

  • The ability to monitor all of your customers
  • A single, daily risk alert in a consolidated, easy to follow format
  • Alerts on liens, judgments, bankruptcies, news and credit score changes
  • Thousands of news sources consolidated down to only the financial stories that matter to you
  • Coverage of 20,000,000+ private businesses (public too, but that’s the easy stuff)
  • A monthly management report that sums up your customer portfolio with actionable insights into your top credit balance accounts, riskiest accounts, most collectible accounts and more

Interested in learning more? We’ll give you a personal tour. Give us a call or click here.

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