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Say Hello to Cortera B2B Purchase Insights

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our family of innovative business-to-business insight solutions: Cortera B2B Purchase Insights, which provides businesses with purchase and payment behavior insights on 20 million U.S. company locations.  By tracking $1.6 trillion in annual business-to-business purchases–what companies buy and how their spending patterns change over time–Cortera allows sales, marketing, finance and credit professionals to track active and potential customers’ purchasing history and spending patterns to understand their overall financial health, make educated predictions on what they are likely to purchase in the future, and understand the risk associated with their ability to pay for those purchases. Rather than relying on less accurate evaluation methods such as demographic information (SIC codes, number of employees, revenue estimates) to profile and target businesses, companies are now empowered with the same effective purchase behavior tracking that has been the foundation of consumer marketing for decades.

No other business information provider can delivers this level of comprehensive business purchasing information – to provide such deep, forward-looking insights into the overall size, growth and health of over 20 million business locations, including those of the companies that matter the most to you. The information comes to you in a way that is organized and usable, giving you the unprecedented power to:

  • Cut through information clutter by seeing and understanding accurate, actionable customer information at a glance
  • Quickly identify new customers and new opportunities with existing customers
  • Maximize revenues from both new and existing customers
  • Track purchasing data for target company categories
  • Streamline customer credit applications to accelerate time to revenue
  • Access constantly updated information on purchasing details and trends
  • Easily keep your prospecting information current by integrating updated information into your existing databases and CRM applications


To learn more about the power or Cortera B2B Purchase Insights, download our free whitepaper: Is B2B Purchase Behavior The New Revenue Lever?, view an on-demand demo or check out our B2B Purchase Insights solution page on our website.

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